Strategic direction in the company - the strengthening cooperation of the DP "Ukrainian terminal" with Polish partners.

Strategic direction in the company - the strengthening cooperation of the DP

At the beginning of April 2019, the company held of important meetings with its counterparts in Poland and identified strategic partners.

Director of the Ukrainian Terminal Andriy Kryvenchuk visited Poland and signed preliminary partnership and cooperation agreements.

In particular, they agreed cooperation with container terminals of port: Gdansk and Gdynia. The Port of Gdynia has two container terminals: Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) and HUTCHISONPORTS Gdynia Container Terminal with a huge container turnover in a year. Further cooperation with ports provides a wide range of logistic solutions for the clients of the Ukrainian Terminal.

There were meetings with representatives of Polish companies that will intend to work with Ukraine. As a result of the talks, a partnership with major Polish railway operators and logistics partners was agreed.

Established contacts with the leadership of the Pomorie region have identified ways to optimally exchange the services of Polish and Ukrainian companies.

We also discussed joint plans for intermodal transportation, integration of the transportation process with Polish and European partners.

Establishing links and partnerships with companies from the Baltic region and Poland open up new opportunities and prospects.

We would like to thank our partners for effectiveness cooperation for strengthening the contacts, which was held with the assistance of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and the Ukrainian-Polish Center.