"Ukrainian Terminal" has become a leader among automotive terminals

              Among major factors that have affected a rapid development of customs bonded complex (CBC) and transformation of "Ukrainian Terminal" into one of Kiev's main gate for imported cars are the following.

               First of all, one of the main advantages of "Ukrainian Terminal" is its convenient location on the international highway M-06 Kyiv – Chop, in the vicinity of Kyiv (45 km), which allows to optimize all logistics processes and makes the terminal an ideal point for processing import and transit cargoes from Western Europe.

             The total area of the terminal is 200 thousand sq.m, including a customs bonded warehouse, a commercial warehouse, a warehouse for temporary storage and cargo handling platform allowing to keep up to 3,500 cars per month, to place more than 90 car transporters per saltum on shipping and receiving platform, as well as to place over 100 car transporters per saltum in the customs control area.

              But certainly, at the customs processing of goods, the crucial role, except lucky transport-logistical location, is given to the rate of customs processing of goods and the competence of personnel. Customs processing is often a time consuming process that requires a proper special training and high professional knowledge in order the custom formalities to be fulfilled correctly. A customs control zone is located directly on the territory of "Ukrainian Terminal". This zone is serviced by the customs clearance department No 1, section of customs clearance No 2 of Kiev regional customs. The relationship and the Company’s reputation among the customs authorities of Ukraine allow to provide customs clearance efficiently, professionally and promptly. For example, customs processing of one car transporter in "Ukrainian Terminal" takes only 2 hours. Also, for the convenience of customers, the terminal is equipped with video surveillance system, by using which each client has the opportunity to watch their cargo and control the time of its handling.

In addition, "Ukrainian Terminal" offers high quality services on rapid transportation of goods due to the partnership with "N-Trans" which is the leader in the logistics market of new cars in Ukraine. "N-Trans" is a part of "Niko" Group and has 100 of its own auto-trains, most of which meet Euro-5 standard. It also has 60 additional trucks on the basis of long-term contracts.

              Last year the Company got the quality management system certification for the compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001: 2009) on warehousing, storage, transportation, customs clearance and transport handling of goods, which is a significant proof that the arrangement of business processes and control over the services meet the highest international standards. SC "Ukrainian Terminal" became only the second company in Ukraine specializing in car carriage. It's confirmed by compliance of the quality management system to international standards. Obtaining this certificate ensures that customers and partners in Ukraine and abroad will get services of stable quality, continuous work on improvement of the quality management system and guarantees the international approach to business.

               "Ukrainian Terminal" aims at providing its customers a set of high-quality customs and warehouse services that optimize costs and reduce time for customs processing. The results of 2011 have shown that customers highly appreciated the work and professionalism of the team. In 2012, "Ukrainian Terminal" will continue its purposeful work on improvement of all processes in the company to justify the trust of its customers and partners and bring the services for customs clearance of cars in Ukraine to a new level.